Do you really need to service your air conditioner?

If you’ve been looking at tips online for how to keep your air conditioner in the best condition, or been talking to other homeowners, then you have likely heard the advice that you need an air conditioner service. However, is this just a needless check for peace of mind, or is there something more important to it? Here, we’re going to look at how much you really need an air conditioning service.

What happens during your annual air conditioner service

With air conditioning becoming the norm across more environments lately, it’s important to know what exactly happens during a service. Typically, the engineer will make a series of compulsory service checks, ensuring that different components are working as they should be. The technician will check for leaks and other signs of damage after. 

DIfferent parts of the AC unit will be cleaned, as well. This includes the tubes throughout the system, as well as the fin and fan, which will be cleared of dust and mould, as well as any other issues. Lastly, they will check to make sure there’s enough coolant, and that the condenser unit, motor, fan evaporator unit and thermostat are working as intended.

What happens if you don’t service your air conditioner?

If you don’t have an air conditioner service, your AC unit might not explode if you don’t have someone take a look at it this year. However, it will, without fail, work a little less effective than it did the year before. Here are some of the reasons that an air conditioner service is actually vital and what happens if you don’t arrange for it:

  • You will lose efficiency: In fact, AC units tend to be around 5% less energy efficient for each year that they go without proper maintenance, meaning your property will cool more slowly.
  • You’ll spend more money: As well as being slower to work, a more inefficient AC is also going to take more energy to reach the temperatures that you want, meaning that you’re going to spend more to do it.
  • Your air quality will get worse: If you’re not taking care to make sure that dust, mould, and other airborne contaminants are cleaned out of your AC system, then these same particles are going to be spread around the property, worsening the air quality which can, in turn, make you sick.
  • You may have to replace expensive HVAC parts: The important parts of the AC unit, such as the motor, the condenser unit, and the fan evaporator unit may be more expensive to replace than you think. A little servicing each year can prevent them from reaching the state in which they need to be replaced.

Arrange for an air conditioner service today

If you want to make sure your AC is working efficiently, want to avoid spending more on your energy bills than you should, and want to prevent potentially expensive repairs down the line, then an annual air conditioning service truly is necessary. Contact us today for air conditioning servicing Leicester

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