How often should air conditioning be serviced?

If your building is reliant on an air conditioner, then you should know how often you need an air conditioning service. Finding out how often your air conditioner should be serviced is easy, but you need to know a little bit about it before you can come to that. 

Every unit is going to be different, from the amount of refrigerant that it holds, to age, to manufacturer, and yours is going to need different amounts of care and maintenance to the other ones.

Not all air conditioners require regular checks, but when your unit has a large amount of coolant stored within, then it’s important you know how often it should be checked. The checks are to ensure that there are no dangerous chemicals leaking into the air conditioner, and it could be any time from one a year, to once every three months depending on how much refrigerant your unit holds. We recommend having your air conditioning service in the Autumn, ahead of the winter, and your air conditioning checked ahead of the summer months, in the Spring.

What to look out for

There are a lot of signs your air conditioner might give you that it needs maintenance, and you should have it serviced as soon as you notice an issue. Some examples are but are not limited to:

  • Low airflow. If your conditioner is doing a poor job at circulating air and providing cool air in general, this is a sure sign that something is wrong. It doesn’t mean that it’s broken, but it could be dirty, poorly maintained, or worn. 
  • Odd smells. If your air conditioning unit is giving off a strange smell, then there’s a chance that something has gone wrong within the unit. It could be leaking coolant, or something has gotten inside. You’ll want to have this repaired as soon as possible.
  • Rust. If your unit has gotten rusty, or there are damp areas around where the unit is located, it could be another sign that there is a leak within.
  • Strange noises. Sometimes air conditioners can produce a rumbling sound as if they’re struggling to operate. This is a sign that there’s too much dirt or dust within, and they’re due a clean.

What you can do

If your unit is having trouble functioning, you should consider an air conditioning service. There’s only so much you can do to prevent it from getting clogged up or dirty, like changing the filter – but you won’t be able to properly service the machinery on the inside without the experience.

If your air conditioning unit is showing signs of leakage from within, you should call a professional immediately, as it could be dangerous to keep using the machine.

Overall, the amount of time you should wait before you have your air conditioning unit serviced depends on an individual unit. If your unit is working perfectly fine and hasn’t shown any of the previously mentioned signs, then it may be fine without servicing. However, if you have noticed anything that was mentioned before, you should consider having your air conditioning serviced before you continue to use it.

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