Red Air Conditioning provides air conditioning services to homes and businesses in Nuneaton. Our air conditioners are designed to keep the air cool during the warmer months, so you can enjoy your home or office without having to deal with hot temperatures. We offer a range of air conditioning units for sale and installation, as well as maintenance service agreements that will ensure your air conditioner is running at its maximum efficiency throughout the year.

Services we offer in Nuneaton

Domestic Air Conditioning

Red Air Conditioning offers a range of air conditioners designed to achieve maximum cooling within your home. We can install brand new air conditioning units to ensure you’re able to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible, and we also sell air conditioner units if you wish to replace an existing unit without needing professional help.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We provide air conditioning repairs in Nuneaton and surrounding areas. Our trained air-conditioning engineers have the experience to get your air conditioner working at its best again quickly, so you can start enjoying cooling relief from those hot summer days straight away. 


Red air conditioning also offers a range of refrigeration services to homes and businesses in Nuneaton. In addition, we offer air conditioning sales and maintenance services. Our air conditioner installation, repair and servicing services are available for customers in Nuneaton, so you’re able to enjoy higher levels of efficiency throughout the year.


In addition to offering air conditioning services, Red air conditioning in Nuneaton can also provide heating and ventilation. In fact, our air con engineers have a lot of experience with all kinds of HVAC systems that are on the market today.

Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

If you are looking for air conditioning installation or maintenance in Nuneaton, look no further than Red Air Conditioning. Our team has years of experience in air conditioning repair and installation throughout the UK. We offer free estimates on all air conditioner services, and all our work is guaranteed!

Home Air Conditioning Installation Nuneaton

Red air conditioning offers air conditioner installation services to homes and businesses in Nuneaton. Our air conditioning units are designed with the utmost efficiency, ensuring that your home or business will be cool during the summer months. We can install our air conditioners quickly and efficiently to make sure you’re able to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Servicing

Red air conditioning offers servicing and maintenance services to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently throughout the year. Our air conditioning units are designed for continuous use, but there will be times when they need repair or service in order to continue working at their best. We can provide a range of different services, including AC unit installation, ducting, air conditioner repairs and service agreements.

Commercial / Office Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning is a vital requirement of any office building, and we offer air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair services for businesses in Nuneaton. Our air conditioners can be installed into your business quickly and efficiently to ensure that everyone remains cool during the summer months. We also provide sales of new air conditioning units along with service agreements if you wish to maintain air conditioner efficiency throughout the year.

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While we’re specialists in air conditioning, we also offer a range of other services including installations of AC units bought independently, repair of refrigeration units, and fault diagnosis. If you have an old unit, we can help you dispose of it safely.

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